• “Hominiteísmo y Democracia”, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Editing coordination and introduction of the Spanish version, 2014-2019. 
  • \”José Yaque, Tierra Madre\”, Maretti Editore, 2016. Two interviews with José Yaque in 2014 and in 2016 talking about his works, life and projects. 
  • \”(d)estructura a book by El puente_lab (Juan Esteban Sandoval, Alejandro Vásquez Salinas) and Mariangela Aponte Núñez\”, curated by Laura Salas Redondo, Erick González León, Cecilia Guida, ed. Viaindustriae publishing, 2019. The day after Fidel Castro’s death, three Colombian artists begin a journey through Cuba, from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, with the intention of drawing a cartography of the island’s cultural and social actors, by inviting different groups of (d)estructura. The game begins with the question “How do you see your life in ten years and what’ do you need to make that happen?” and ends with the realization of a collaborative and participatory structure. By (d)estructura individual intentions and experiences are dissolved in collective decisions, while art becomes an opportunity to imagine the future of the country together. 
  • \”CUBA TALKS\” interviews with 28 contemporary artists by Jerome Sans & Laura Salas Redondo, 2019. Four years after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States by Barack Obama and Raul Castro on December 17, 2014, “CUBA TALKS” is first major book exploring the contemporary Cuban art scene since the eighties. It is by crossing their two visions—internal and external to the Cuban culture – and through a series of interviews exploring the approaches of twenty-eight artists, that Laura Salas Redondo and Jérôme Sans, beyond highlighting a community of creators, demonstrate the artistic effervescence that resonates beyond the borders of Cuba. To buy the book please write to